Submit your nomination for the annual Best in Force Award. The winner will be announced at the annual International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference in October. Vigilant will award $5000 to the winning agency’s fallen officer fund, or other fund of their choice.

1. What are we looking for?

When lives are on the line, law enforcement agencies deserve to be equipped with the best tools to develop leads and solve crimes. We are searching for agencies that incorporate the most innovative, pioneering and assertive use of ALPR and/or FR technology to enhance officer safety, protect communities, and solve crimes. We want to know about cases that could have gone cold had it not been for innovative use of ALPR or facial recognition, or about how ALPR and/or FR data sharing between jurisdictions helped to solve a crime or develop leads. We want stories that go beyond finding stolen vehicles and tell the story of how agencies that use ALPR and/or FR experience efficiencies and are more effective in their missions to protect and serve.

2. Who is eligible?

All U.S. law enforcement agencies regardless of size, utilizing automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) and/or facial recognition (FR). Agencies may nominate themselves.

3. When are nominations due?

Nominations are due by September 19, 2017. All nominations will be reviewed by September 23, 2017 with a final selection made by September 27, 2017. The winning agency will be notified directly with an official presentation of the award to be scheduled during the annual IACP Conference in Philadelphia, October 21-24, 2017.

4. Where do I send the nomination form?

The completed form and any additional pages should be scanned and emailed to, or a hard copy mailed to Shana Bjorg, Attention: Best in Force Award, 4150 International Plaza Suite 800, Fort Worth, TX 76109. All mailed entries must be postmarked by September 19, 2017.

Complete the form below to download the nomination form.

After you download the .PDF nomination form, print and complete the questions. Scan and email your completed document to