Webinar: Man v. Machine

The Facial Recognition Process Still Needs Human Involvement

Date: Thursday, June 14th
Time: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT

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In the past year, facial recognition use by public safety has seen significant improvements in matching accuracy. With the confidence level in the technology rising among public safety personnel, many are approaching facial recognition with the mantra: Enroll the image and the application is good enough to return a match. Although this is great for the technology, it is not a best practice for public safety due to a sole reliance on the software.

Human involvement is a critical aspect of this process and always very necessary for facial recognition technology; however, it is often overlooked. Vetting the images for quality and identifying those that may need enhancements is not only critical to the overall process but also can be a sole deciding factor of whether the algorithms return a viable lead in their investigation or nothing at all.

In this webinar, see how Director of Client Relations for Vigilant Solutions and Retired NYPD Detective, Roger Rodriguez uses Vigilant’s FaceSearch to generate investigative leads from images that normally do not meet the criteria for facial recognition searching after vetting and performing specific enhancements. The webinar will also show the audience how to use select Enhancement Tools to generate leads that could not have otherwise been generated before.


Roger Rodriguez joined Vigilant Solutions after serving over twenty years with the NYPD where he spearheaded the NYPD’s first dedicated facial recognition unit. The unit has conducted more than 8,500 facial recognition investigations, with over 3,000 possible matches, and approximately 2,000 arrests. Roger’s enhancement techniques are now recognized worldwide and have changed the approach to law enforcement’s utilization of facial recognition technology.


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