Webinar: Using Facial Recognition to Develop Leads in Investigations That Involve Children

Date: Thursday, August 31st

Time: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST

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Agencies like the NYPD have analyzed images for investigations including crimes against children that span trafficking, abuse, child prostitution and exploitation. Attend this webinar and go step-by-step through the facial recognition investigative process, learn essential best practices, techniques and strategies to produce facial recognition leads. Get the facts on how to deal with less than perfect images from sources including CCTV cameras, bank ATM’s, social media, and sources where faces are often rejected for facial recognition.

Join Vigilant Solutions law enforcement facial recognition expert, Roger Rodriguez, as he discusses how a unique approach can make use of these images to generate quality leads in any investigation.


Roger Rodriguez joined Vigilant Solutions after serving over twenty years with the NYPD where he spearheaded the NYPD’s first dedicated facial recognition unit. The unit has conducted more than 8,500 facial recognition investigations, with over 3,000 possible matches, and approximately 2,000 arrests. Roger’s enhancement techniques are now recognized worldwide and have changed the approach to law enforcement’s utilization of facial recognition technology.


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