Move Your Data to LEARN:
NO Migration or Hosting Fees

With the recently announced sale of 3M's LPR business, we are offering to migrate your agency's LPR Data to a hosted CJIS Compliant environment at no cost, now through July 31st.

Resistance to information sharing can lead to tragedy. In fact, a report following 9-11 called out the “the systemic resistance to sharing information.” Vigilant’s data sharing policy is driven by our team of former law enforcement professionals, people who have worn the badge and understand how to solve crimes using License Plate Recogntion (LPR) data. We believe it is your data and you have every right to control how that data can be shared.

Free Data Migration Offer Ends July 31st

Vigilant will waive any and all hosting fees, as well as fees to our LEARN Basic Analytics for any current 3M law enforcement agency (LEA) signing up by July 31, 2017 that wishes to contribute their existing LPR data for the sole, exclusive use of Law Enforcement and Public Safety agencies. We extend this offer to Fusion Centers as well, and will provide a basic LEARN account that allows Fusion Centers seamless LPR data sharing across the country. We encourage any and all State and Local jurisdictions to contribute their LPR data, regardless of their LPR provider, to the LEARN Network to provide this information to the Fusion Centers and other LEAs.

Develop Leads, Solve Cases with the Largest LPR Data Sharing Network

At no fee to you, Vigilant will provide:

  1. Software to migrate data from existing LPR cameras. We already do this with dozens of agencies that use other equipment.
  2. Hardware to host your data
  3. Capability to share data with whatever LEA you choose at no charge
  4. Sample policies for any LEA that does not have an LPR policy in place
  5. A LEARN Basic Account (unlimited users for your agency) for three years at NO cost – which includes comprehensive audit and compliance
  6. Training in LEARN via our online Webinars
  7. Software updates (average once a month)

Vigilant extends this offer to any agency with existing 3M LPR data until July 31, 2017. There will be no cost to the LEA who chooses to migrate existing data. There is no catch. No hidden fees. We are doing this because we believe that criminal offenders are to be held responsible for their actions so communities can live safely and peaceably.

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