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Power your investigations and generate more leads with our analytics plus license plate recognition (LPR) and facial recognition solutions. Curious about what our solutions can do for you? Submit your cases and find out.

We want to show you how our data can generate leads. Bring criminals to justice with Vigilant Solutions.


Call for Cases - provide us with some information so that we may better assist you with your case:

License Plate Search

  1. Date/Time/Location of the event(s).
  2. License Plate Number - Full or partial plate if available.
  3. Vehicle Description - We can now search by year, make and model even if you don't have a license plate.
  4. Travel Details - Interstate, multi-state, and other details.


Facial Recognition Image Search

  1. Submit probe image in a jpg or png format
  2. Submit images sourced from social media, CCTV etc. that are part of your investigation.
  3. Provide a case synopsis: Please include any relevant facts about your case that can assist our investigative team generate leads (Location, Links, Partial Names, Nicknames, etc.)
  4. Please submit original media clips and images when feasible. Pictures of video screens and photos with facial images taken with cell phone devices significantly degrade quality for facial recognition searches.

*We will not share your case details with anyone without your permission! Vigilant will attempt to generate leads for your case and turn them over and discuss them with the assigned investigator.


LPR: Develop More Leads and Solve More Crimes

Agencies of all sizes develop more leads which helps them to solve more crimes:

  1. More Vehicle Detections:

    4.5 billion nationwide vehicle detections, plus data sharing among agencies.

  2. More Search Options:

    Search by license plate or even partial plate and find the best location to find a vehicle of interest or search by Year, Make or Model to narrow a massive list of possible vehicles present at the scene of a crime.

  3. More Leads and Closed Cases:

    Built by former law enforcement just like you, our analytics and license plate recognition technology help you do more, faster. Develop leads and solve Part I and Part II crimes, improve situational awareness, protect officers and communities.


Facial Recognition: More Images. Better Recognition. Faster Results.

Built by law enforcement, for law enforcement, our facial recognition simply delivers more:

  1. More Images:

    Any way you look at it, you get more images. Search Vigilant’s gallery of over 15 million images, plus share images with other law enforcement agencies nationwide.

  2. More Power:

    Criminals don’t pose for pictures, leaving you with less than stellar quality probe images from an array of sources including social media, CCTV or cell phone snaps. Don’t toss those “bad probe images,” our easy-to-use facial recognition pre-processing tools helps you to go from bad probe to new lead.

  3. More Leads and Closed Cases:

    Facial recognition when and where you need it via the web, mobile devices and desktop PCs, plus with cloud hosting you can be up and running fast and on your way to developing leads and closing cases.


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