Empower your parking enforcement program and collect outstanding fines with license plate-enabled parking (LEP) enforcement coupled with vehicle location data. Join us for our final webinar and learn how you can do more with Vigilant's parking solutions. Register today!

Digital Chalking: A New School Approach to an Old School Idea

Following the recent ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit, which deemed physically chalking a vehicle’s tire to be unconstitutional, it’s time to enhance your Parking Enforcement team’s efficiency with Digital Chalking. Powered by license plate recognition (LPR) data, Digital Chalking combines LPR data and analytics with images to help you make your parking operations more efficient. Join our webinar to learn how your parking enforcement team can benefit from Digital Chalking.

June 6, 2019 2:00PM-2:45PM CDT

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Save Time and Money with LPR Enabled Parking: LPR is About Safety, Efficiency and Cost Savings

Cover more ground in less time and with fewer resources by implementing digital chalking and license plate recognition (LPR) based enforcement. Join Lyndon Merris, Enforcement Services Supervisor with City of Austin Parking Department and Sean Bruecken with Vigilant Solutions as they explain how you can save time and money with LPR enabled parking.

Do More with Your Data: Help Better Allocate Your Resources with LPR Enabled Parking

It isn't just about enforcement, occupancy data can help drive policies such as parking rates, time limits and permit allocation. Join Alexandra Wells with Vigilant Solutions as she explains how you can do more with your data.

Tips and Tricks: Implementing a Successful LPR Enabled Parking Program

Join Alexandra Wells and Steven Leshinger with Vigilant Solutions as they share tips and tricks on how to implement a successful license plate recognition (LPR) enabled parking program.

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